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John Philip Haddock

Hello everybody
Our good buddy John Haddock passed away this year on August 1, 2015. I was told he had cancer and maybe one year to live,
a few years ago. I’ve been in denial about this for some time, because John looked great every time I was him riding his scooters
around the lower Greenville area with a big smile on his face.
John was always in good spirits, every time I saw him. He had me filling good about everything. I don’t know why, That was John.

John was just a fun guy to be around, but a hard guy to keep up with. He was always on the move, riding his scooter and doing
business around Greenville Ave. At lunchtime, you will see Christine on the back, telling John where to go, haha!

I went to see John off at the Church of the Incarnation, on McKinney Ave. The service was every formal and grand.
John was a down to earth guy, that don’t seem like a rich dude. John did hung-out with me, Anthony Armstrong, haha.

I was thinking the entire time at the service, what would John think of this grand service. I thought about this the entire time,
doing the service. I think John would have liked the service. Being the center of attention, not so much, but this is something
we will all have to do someday.

I didn’t get to see John as he laid in state. Because of this, I will have the feeling John is on one of his many trips out of town.
I posted a few pictures of John Philip Haddock, I shot over the years. I hope you guys like them.
Johnny always had a smile.

2001 - White Rock lake, Exposition Ave and Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas.


2005 - Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas.

2006 - Eagle mountain lake scooter rally in Fort Worth, Texas.

2007 - British Bike Burnup Dallas, Texas.

2008 - John and Steve, checking out Rob Chop shop’s truck on Greenville Ave Dallas, Texas.

2010 - Amerivespa scooter rally in San Antonio, Texas.

2012 - Oak Cliff, Dallad, Texas.

The Church of the Incarnation. Dallas, Texas 2015

By Anthony D. Armstrong, scooter rider in Dallas, Texas.

I did a lot of scooter rides around Dallas with John and Steve Sargent. When a large group of us were riding, I could see
John and Steve in my rearview mirror having a good time. I made it my mission, to get in the very back to get a picture of them.
They were having fun! Talking about family, business and more, haha.
It was fun being a fly on the wall looking at those two guys have fun.