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_Put that cool shaped clip-on mirror on a longer rod

Aftermarket mirrors are easy to take apart. You can push down the mirrors center.
Shown in picture 1. In picture 2, with the mirror pressed down you will see a space on the rim.

Picture 3. Remove the plastic rim. This plastic rim holds the mirror in place.

Picture 4 has the basic layout for most aftermarket mirrors. The arrow shows a flat spring.
In most mirrors you will see a standard round coil spring.

Picture 5 and 6 shows the parts that attach the rod to the mirror frame.
Some mirror frame holes, might have a different size. Put the
original cup washer parts with the mirror frame on the new rod.

Repairing a cracked mirror is simple and cheap.

I took a cracked mirror to a glass shop. They said it would cost around $40.00.
Anthony started thinking? Its time to learn about mirror glass! In the lighting
department of most hardware stores, they sale 12 x 12 mirror tile in a box of 6.
This mirror tiles are the same type that you find inside aftermarket mirrors.
The cost was around $8.00 and the cutting tool cost $4.00.

Picture 7. Taped your broken mirror back together to draw the shape you need.
Always draw your shape on the mirror side. Not on the gray back.

Picture 8 shows the first
scribe/cut to make. Its good to have
a ruler or a hard edge to draw the cut on the mirror shown on
picture 8-A.

Picture 8-B. Always use gloves to break the mirror glass.
Its good to break the first long cut over the edge of a table, for a clean break.

Picture 9.
Scribe number 2

Picture 10.
Scribe number 3
This is easier than you think. Just scribe the mirror a little ways. Stop, and turn the mirror,
then scribe the mirror more.

Picture 11. Start the scribe from the mirror shape to the edges.

Picture 12. Use your gloves to break the
pieces off the edge.

Picture 13. The glass cutting tool has a edge that breaks the smaller pieces off.

Picture 14
The finish mirror cost $15 with enough mirror glass leftover to make 36 more mirror.
The edge on my demo is a little ruff. This don’t matter because the plastic rim
will cover the ruff edge.

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