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_Kickstart shaft hitting the clutch plate.

_The kickstart shaft, hitting the clutch plate is a common problem.


_Reasons I found for this problem:

_a. Some original side case gaskets were designed thicker.
_b. The kickstart shaft washer, maybe damaged are missing.
_c. Aftermarket kickstart shafts.

_Here’s the steps I take when I see marks on the kickstart shaft:

_1. Check to see if the kickstart shaft washer is installed correctly.
___If you see a gap at this point. That’s a problem.


_What happens is, the pedal spring tries to push out the kickstart shaft, causing the gap.

_2. There should be a circlip and washer here.


_3. If the circlip and washer don’t close the gap, you may
___need to add additional washers here.


_After the steps above are taken.
_Use a marker, and paint the top clutch plate. Put the gasket and side case on
_with a few nuts and tighten them down. Take out the spark plug. Then, kick the motor
_over several times. If it rubs, it will show up on the black clutch plate, and kickstart shaft.



_Here’s the number one problem, most of the time. A poor made kickstart shaft:
_If you replace your kickstart shaft with an aftermarket shaft. It will most likely rub,
_unless you modify it.

_Before you do the modification below.
_Check for a good aftermarket kickstart shaft from one of the many, scooter shops.

_Here’s an example of a kickstart shaft I modified, using a basic grinder.
_This will fix the problem and shouldn’t weaken the shaft, if done correctly.


_Steps to take when grinding the kickstart shaft:

_1. This area on the shaft, is all you need to modify.


_2. This side view shows the depth to grind.
___As you can see. You don’t touch the core (strength) part of the kickstart shaft.


_3. Never grind down to the main shaft rod!


_I hope this tutorial helps. Because I keep coming across, poorly made
_kickstart shafts, that need to be modify.

_Anthony D. Armstrong - 2015 Kickstart shaft fix.
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