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_Anthony’s Lambretta J50 Deluxe fuel flow problem fixes.

_Fuel level Shown In Red.
_I started having problems with the Lambretta J50 motor cutting out, about 10 miles from home. This would
_happen every time. I started checking the fuel level and carburetor before my scooter rides. The fuel level
_look like Drawing 1 below. About 10 miles out, the motor started to cut out. I checked the motor
_and fuel line. It look like Drawing 2 below. (no fuel in the line) I took the fuel line off to see if it
_was blocked. The fuel flowed out with no problems???

_For the most part. I think it’s a vacuum problem cause by the fuel tap and carburetor.
_I've seen this, same type of problem happen on the LD's.

_On Drawing 3 below I made a extra vent line that runs to the top of the fuel cap.
_This fixed the motor cutting out problem. I now ride the Lambretta J50 Deluxe on long-distances rides,
_all the time with know problems.

_The air vent line needs to be above the fuel tank. I tied my vent line to the gas cap and
_put little tubes in the tip of the line to keep dirt out.

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