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Anthony’s Bel-Ray Oil update!

I found out, that the new Bel-Ray SI-7 is made with a thinner mix.

My Lambretta has been running choppy, and harder to kick-start lately. I checked the sparkplug,
and found that my motor was running lean. I was told, at a motorcycle shop, the new
Bel-Ray SI-7 in the gray bottle to the left, was the same oil, just to find out it was a
new formula mix, made for modern scooters now.

I now use Bel-Ray 2T. The oil bottle on the right.
I been using Bel-Ray 2T for a week now, testing it out.
My sparkplug burn is back too normal, and the motor runs great, and starts better.

I highly suggest, you stop using the new gray bottle oil on the left.
If you have the old Bel-Ray SI-7 in the white bottle, that’s the good oil to use.

Update from a customers October 1, 2015.
(Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the note.(a) Do you recommend draining out the SI-7 and replacing with 2T; or should it be okay to mix them? I just bought another bottle of Si7 two weeks ago. (b)The Vespa runs great; when I don't let the gas get too low or forget to turn off the fuel valve. I did a group ride Sunday and it ran great.

This email caught me off guard. Dan’s scooter is a P200, with oil injection. One of the guys
working at (Bates Discount Cycle) did say, the new SI7 oil was made thinner to work better
with oil injection system.

(B). My best suggest for vintage Vespa’s with oil injection is:
___Check your sparkplug first, and see if its running lean. If its not lean,
___and the scooter is running great, you should be okay.

___NOTE: I don’t trust any new oils. It took me years to find the right oil type,
________ that works good with vintage scooters, and the way we ride them.

(A). When I made the oil change, I didn’t drain the gas.
___I just mixed it right in, when my fuel got low.

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